Diamond Product

Diamond Product
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PCD diamond cutter specialized in grooving floors End Mills For Dental Mould PCD full R Ball Nose Cutter Diamond Turning Tools
  • PCD diamond cutter specialized in grooving floors:

    BW develops PCD diamond cutting tools through long time researching. The cutter for tongue and groove wood flooring may extend long machining time and tool life. The finished products, wood flooring, achieve good quality about easy to settle and superior stability with adaption. BW improves PCD cutter specialized on the achievement of fine accuracy on T&G part to make wood flooring products comply with the temperature difference, 30 – 40 degrees up and down, in Europe and the States.

  • PCD full R Ball Nose Cutter :

    BW designs the whole R ball nose end mills under the demand of special working requirements. PCD cutters are bonded or involved fine diamond in tungsten carbide, then sintered to corm complex. Its structure was disorderly arranged which is close to single crystal diamond, and with 300μm thickness and even hardness since PCD diamond connection has no direction.

  • End Mills For Dental Mould:

    BW develops dental tools by using high grade carbide material, with physical vapor deposition (PVDD) technology or by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) surface hardening technology, formed kind of metal compound solid film or coating on the surface of tool.

  • Diamond Turning Tools:

    Before the diamond blade can be improved only upon its thickness and sharpness which with limited functions of cutting or grinding certain material. And it is restricted after the mold is designed. The maker just changes it by using different material, but no way to change its cutting or grinding application. Hence, the purpose for BW to research diamond blade is to overcome such old tradition and develop better quality cutter.

  • Single Diamond PCB:

    In the general PCB market, if PCB has heat conductivity, it couldn’t sustain the high voltage. On the contrary, if PCB could sustain the high voltage, the heat conductivity will decrease. However, diamond PCB both has the same feature, which could even achieve 450 w/mk. It’s has the3-5 w/mk times than general PCB.

  • Diamond Thermal Grease:

    Transmitting medium includes Si and Silver in the general thermal grease, especially Silver could result Electro-static discharge, but Diamond’s Thermal Grease won’t. A small among of diamond thermal grease could have the similar effect of mono diamond’s structure and even reach the best thermal performance.

  • Single Diamond Thermal Pad:

    Diamond Thermal Pad adopts the high quality of diamond particle and combine the colloid and diamond to single film, the efficacy will achieve to 450 w/mk. It has 20 w/mk than general thermal pad, besides we can adjust the thickness for the customer's requirement.