• Coating of Cutter
    The coating delivers a variety of benefits to extend tool life, including :

    Superior oxidation resistance

    High speed machining is always high temperature machining. Coating protects the tool by acting as a thermal barrier. It provides unparalleled performance in high temperature machining.

    Lubricity layer for chip removal

    High-temperature cutting with coating encourages the formation of a useful outer layer of aluminum oxide. This layer is both hard and slick. While the hardness helps with wear resistance, the slickness lubricates the hot chip to help it slide away without adhesion or heat transfer.

    Abrasion resistance

    A high performance coating which excellent at machining of abrasive and difficult-to-machine and harden materials such as cast iron, aluminum alloys, tool steels, graphite, titanium alloys and nickel alloys. Its abrasion resistance makes it effective for machining work materials.

  • Nano TiAlN
    The Titanium Aluminum nitride Coating, with purple black in color, is an effective coating for a wide variety of HSM applications.Effective coating for most applications. With benefits of high-temperature & abrasion resistance, extending tool life, and lubricity for chip removal. Great for dry machining and harden materials. Specialized in HSM applications.
    Nano TiAlN
  • DiaCoat / DLC
    Diamond like Carbon, tough coating for milling non-ferrous materials. Diamond!|s intrinsic hardness results in long wear characteristics for increasing production Available upon request. 
  • AlTiN + PLC
    This coating , with silver color and multi-layers, has superior performance on cutting stainless steel and difficult-to-cut materials.
    奈米氮化鋁鈦膜-Nano TiAlN
  • Coating type
    Coating type

Coating Data

  • AlTiN

    15477Date:12/30/2014 7:38:22 PMImage size:800 x 600Mag:50000xHV:15.0kV

  • TiSiN

    23428Date:5/31/2016 7:44:53 PMImage size:800 x 600Mag:1000xHV:15.0kV

    TiSiN TiSiNTiSiN
  • AlTiCrN

    12849Date:8/20/2014 8:22:24 PMImage size:800 x 600Mag:1000xHV:15.0kV

    AlTiCrN AlTiCrN AlTiCrN