Diamond Polishing Slurry

There are two types of BW polishing slurry :

  • Diamond Polishing Slurry/Monocrystalline Diamond Slurry/Polycrystalline Diamond Slurry/Nano Diamond Slurry
    Diamond Polishing Slurry-500ml Diamond Polishing Slurry Diamond Polishing Slurry-Monocrystalline Diamond Slurry Diamond Polishing Slurry-Polycrystalline Diamond Slurry Diamond Polishing Slurry-Nano Diamond Slurry
  • Polishing Slurry:Our diamond slurries are made with diamond particles completely dispersed in the mixed liquids. They have fine chemical-mechanical performance and are widely used for lapping and precision polishing of silicon chips, compoundcrystals, optical devices, liquid crystal displays, gems, metallic works etc. We BW produce polishing slurry series, including monocrystalline diamond slurry 、polycrystalline diamond slurry and nano diamond slurry.
  • Monocrystalline Diamond Slurry:
    Good removal effects, suitable for lapping & polishing of hard material.
    • Characteristics:
      1. Fine particle shapes.
      2. Strict size control.
    • Application:
      1. Polishing effects of Glasses, optical glasses etc.
      2. Polishing effects of Hard alloy, SS etc.
  • Polycrystalline Diamond Slurry:
    Superb tenacity & self-sharpening features.
    Suitable for lapping and polishing of precision metal material, optical crystals, ceramics and hard materials.
    • Characteristics:
      1. Fine polycrystaline diamond materials.
      2. Different carriers are suitable for different fields.
    • Application:
      1. Polishing effects of HDD etc.
      2. Can be used as additives.
  • Nano Diamond Slurry:
    Good dispersing stability & suitable for precise surface treatment.
    • Characteristics:
      1. Unique loose structure of spherical crystallite of nano diamond.
      2. Good dispersing stability.
    • Application:
      1. Polishing effects of HDD etc.
      2. Can be used as additives.
  • Available Sizes of Diamond Polishing Slurries:
    Polishing Slurry Available Sizes(μm) Medium/Oil Medium/Water
    Polycrystalline Diamond Slurry 1/20 PC-N50-O PC-N50-W
    1/10 PC-N100-O PC-N100-W
    1/5 PC-N200-O PC-N200-W
    1/4 PC-N250-O PC-N250-W
    1/2 PC-N500-O PC-N500-W
    1 PC-1-O PC-1-W
    2 PC-2-O PC-2-W
    3 PC-3-O PC-3-W
    4 PC-4-O PC-4-W
    6 PC-6-O PC-6-W
    Monocrystalline Diamond Slurry 1/20 MD-N50-O MD-N50-W
    1/10 MD-N100-O MD-N100-W
    1/6 MD-N160-O MD-N160-W
    1/4 MD-N250-O MD-N250-W
    1/2 MD-N500-O MD-N500-W
    1 MD-1-O MD-1-W
    2 MD-2-O MD-2-W
    3 MD-3-O MD-3-W
    4 MD-4-O MD-4-W
    6 MD-6-O MD-6-W
    Nano Diamond Slurry   1/30 DND30-O DND-30-W
    1/20 DND-50-O DND-50-W
    1/10 DND-100-O DND-100-W
  • Application:
    Workpiece NDS QTD PDS MDS SO
    SiC wafers  
    Sapphire wafers  
    Sapphire lapping      
    Hard alloy, SS etc.    
    Glasses, optical glasses etc.  

Polishing Slurry