High-Entropy Alloys

High-Entropy Alloys
  • Material Name:

    High-Entropy alloys is a new design concept of alloy, which use multi major composition instead of traditional single main ingredient. It has large difference than traditional one.

  • Characteristics:
    1. Easy to produce disordered amorphous phase and nano-precipitates.
    2. Good thermal stability.
    3. Extremely high hardness.
    4. Superior corrosion resistance.
  • Target material diameter:

    3"and 4"

    Material Purity Ratio
    Ti 99.999% 20%
    V 99.999% 20%
    Cr 99.999% 20%
    Zr 99.999% 20%
    Al 99.999% 20%
  • Application:

    Good for traditional industries which with huge requirements, endurable mold, 3C electronic mold , and high speed cutting tools.