BW Project Case


  • Cutting fiber-reinforced composite material - I

    Cutting fiber-reinforced composite material - Part I

    The composite material,as implied by the name, is a combination of two or more materials. Generally speaking, it is constituted by a base material (matrix) and a reinforcement material (reinforcements)...

  • Principles of Difficult Cutting Material

    Principles of Difficult Cutting Material

    The materials of high strength with poor workability or high hardness metal, makes the cutting tool life is shortened, or the volume crumbs, chip breaker difficulties, or machining surface quality is poor, or a combination of ...

  • Rougher cutters & wave groove milling cutters

    Rougher cutters and wave groove milling cutters

    The general rougher cutter reduces the cutting deformation from broadband chip into several narrower chips, which may improve the formation of curl and chip removal situation during the milling process ...

  • Slitter Knives

    Cutting test  for metal ceramic end mills

    Strength and dimensionally accurate bevels enable excellent cut and burr-free razor sharp edges. We use only high quality solid steel and high speed steel in the manufacturing of our slitter knives ...

  • Cutting test for metal ceramic end mills

    Cutting test  for metal ceramic end mills

    BW cutter specialized in cutting stainless steel, which is made of the newest advanced metal ceramics, is developed for machining difficult material contenting Nickel more than 18% ...