Characteristics of precision miniature cutting tools

tool,Characteristics of precision miniature cutting tools

Four major cutting method:

  1. Precision micro turning
  2. Precision micro milling
  3. Precision micro fly cut
  4. Precision micro drilling

There are precision micro turning tools,flat end mills, ball end mill, throwing cutter, and drills according to these applications. The working conditions, friction, impact, and cutting resistance are much worse because of the limitation of size, which is different from normal spec tools.

Basic requirements for miniature cutters:

  1. Small work piece and micro machining part

    In order to fit the characteristics of tiny machining, high machining accuracy and avoid interference between the work piece and the cutter, the whole work piece and the machining scale must be synchronized reduced.

  2. Sharp cutting edge

    Under micro cutting conditions, in order to achieve a very small amount of material removed, the depth of cut and feed rate is usually in the micron level, the cutting edge should be sharp enough.

  3. Good quality of surface

    Surface quality influences the performance of the micro-cutting tools a lot, poor surface quality will not only increase the frictional resistance and lead to the deterioration while fine cutting, but also weaken the toolstrength.

  4. Good quality of surface

    Rotary tools like the small diameter of end mills and drills, micro-cutting is carried out under high spindle speed.The cutting part of cutters should have sufficient strength and dynamic characteristics, which are able to afford the high impact load.

  5. Rigid, anti-deformation ability

    To ensure working accuracy, miniature cutters should have higher rigidity to reduce the deformation and rebound under cutting force.

  6. Good wear resistance, average wear process

    The cutting part of the micro cutting tools should have enough hardness to ensure its abrasion resistance.Blunt cutter will not only affect its machining accuracy, but also happen processing glitches which will bring difficulty of surface finishing.

  7. High accuracy of dynamic balance

    The run out feed rate of micro cutter is significantly greater than cutting for normal size... Under high spindle speed, the cutting edge between the cutting load is very uneven, the cutting force fluctuation is serious, the tip trajectory and accuracy of processing, the tiny end mills, drills and other rotary tool should have high accuracy of dynamic balancing.

  8. Accurate and reliable tool clamping

    Small rotary tool installation error is the main factor to influence the machining accuracy and reliability. The tool clamping system should have high contact rigidity, accuracy of repeating position, and good speedy locking.

Material of micro cutters

It is a very important mean to choose the advanced and applicable tool material, which may ensure the whole performance of micro tools .. The ideal materials for miniature cutters are diamond, fine grain and ultra-fine grain carbide.