Emulsified asphalt

Emulsified asphalt

BW emulsified asphalt as special formula to blend CPC petroleum asphalt, high-quality emulsifier, and other materials, then we produce it with the advanced emulsion technology and the latest emulsifying machine manufacturing. Through pressurized, cutting, grinding, and other mechanical processes, these materials become extremely small particles asphalt spread uniformly in aqueous solution containing emulsifier. Therefore the quality is good and stable.

Application of Emulsified Asphalt :

In addition to a wide range of emulsified asphalt used in road works, it also used in building roofs,waterproof of hangars, anti-corrosion of metal surface, and the overall railway track. The largest amount used is in road works and building roof. Since the emulsified asphalt is easy to construct, no need to heat, saving energy, and significant results. Especially in old asphalt pavement repairing and maintenance, its performance issuperior.

Characteristicsof emulsified asphalt on road works :

  • Compared to dilute bitumen and hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt does not need to spend a lot of gasoline, kerosene and other solvents, and no need a lot of heat to hot the asphalt and aggregate. It’s more economical.
  • Without heating process, it can be used at room temperature, easier for construction.
  • It’s characteristics may reach good results which the ordinary hot bitumen is not easy to achieve the effect. Used in transparent layer of oil, sticky layer of oil, and layup construction method, it can accurately control the spreading amount sprayed, with good penetration and adhesion effect, improve road quality.
  • Emulsified asphalt for conventional road preventive maintenance of small defects can extend the lifetime of usage.
  • There is charge on the surface of emulsified asphalt, so the asphalt particles can be closely adsorbed onto the surface of the mineral aggregate. And emulsifiers also play a role in anti-stripping agent,it can enhance the bonding between the asphalt and stone.

Oil tank and emulsified asphalt

Emulsified asphalt油槽Emulsified asphalt


Product Type CRS-1
Emulsified asphalt
Small Package Emulsified asphalt
Capacity 2.5 Gallon
Bulk Package Emulsified asphalt
Capacity 50 Gallon
Application sticky layer of oil
Color Black/coffee
Shelf Life About 3 months