Diamond Powders-Nano Diamond

We BW produce diamond powders series, including Nano-DiamondMonocrystalline DiamondNickel-Plated Diamond、and Polycrystalline Diamond.

  • Nano-Diamond:Our nano diamond is achieved from the dissociative carbon in super high pressure and temperature during the detonation by the oxygen-negative explosive. The nano diamonds, with 5 - 20 nanometer basic sizes, have sphere shape and functional group of oxygen and nitrogen on the surface. It possesses characteristics of both diamond and nano functional material.
  • Characteristics:
    1. Excellent performance on wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity.
    2. Stable high dispersion.
    3. With high purity, the major impurities content is under 30ppm.
    4. With various product of dispersed particle size.
    5. Ultra-smooth polished effect which surface roughness is less than 0.8nm.
  • Available Sizes:
    Order Code Particle size Impurities
    DND-30 30nm <1%
    DND-50 50nm <1%
    DND-100 100nm <1%
    DND-R 4-7nm <2%
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  • Applications:
    1. As ultra-fine polishing and grinding materials, it can be applied to hard disks , glass, magnetic head, precious stones, ceramic and carbide which have flatness requirements.
    2. As lubricant or additives of engine oil, it can significantly improve the friction performance and prolong the life.
    3. As coating and spray material of metal molds, tools, and parts, it may improve wear resistance, surface hardness and prolong life for work pieces.
    4. It may improve usage performance for rubber and plastics.
    5. As a cooling material, it can improve the thermal performance.