Metal Ceramics

The metal-ceramic composites is one multiphase composite material consisting of one or more of the ceramic phase and metal or alloy. Ideal metal ceramic is with both advantages of metal and ceramic. If the structure of metal ceramic is fine, it can not only maintain high-strength, high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, anti-oxidation and chemical stability of ceramic, but also with better metal toughness and plasticity, which is a very important tool and structural materials. Low density, high hardness, wear resistance, thermal conductivity, and it won’t be brittle easily by sudden cold or hot.

In addition, deposit one ceramic coating, good air tightness, high melting point, and poor heat transfer, on the metal surface to prevent oxidation or corrosion under high temperature.  Metal-ceramic has benefits of metal toughness, high thermal conductivity and good thermal stability, corrosion and wear-resistant.

Metal Ceramics Table

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