Precision polishing powder-aluminum oxide powder

Precision polishing powder-aluminum oxide powder

Alumina powder:

The product has advantages of good particle shape, high purity, uniform micro distribution, mainly used in optical communications, display, semiconductor and other fields.

Aluminum oxide powder specifications:

Type AO-1825 AO-2835 AO-3845 AO-4855
Micro distribution(D50μm) 0.18-0.25 0.28-0.35 0.38-0.45 0.48-0.55
Total impurity content(ppm) <30 <30 <30 <30

Characteristics of alumina powder product:

  1. Small particle size, the cutting force is adjustable, can meet a variety of processing demands.
  2. The particle size distribution is concentrated, particle angular rounded shape, fast precision machining.
  3. The purity of tablets product may reach 99.99%, can be used in hard disk, semiconductor materials.

Alumina powder application:

  • Semiconductor
  • Optical glass and optical crystal
  • Hard disk
  • LCD substrates
  • Optical communication