Diamond Tools

  • Characteristics:
    1. Material:Proceed nano tungsten carbide powder sintered under vacuum powder, with CO as agent, into high-end cutter substrate of hardness HRA 94.1 and transverse rupture strength (N/mm2)> 4000.
    2. Geometry of cutting edge:Double groove design which may break chip into flakes and prevent stuck by chips so that it may cut again.
    3. Diamond cutter make surface of work piece more smooth.
    4. Excellent wear resistance, edge strength, better durability than carbide, and longer tool life.
    5. Good thermal conductivity, which heat of edge can be spread in time, reduce tool temperature to prolong tool life.
  • Diamond Blade for cutting tool :
    1. Insert
    2. Saw Blade
    3. Full R Ball Nose Cutter

Mill Series

Insert Series

Diamond cutter For Panel

Saw blade

Other cutter