Cutting fiber-reinforced composite material

Cutting fiber-reinforced composite material
The composite material,as implied by the name, is a combination of two or more materials. Generally speaking, it is constituted by a base material (matrix) and a reinforcement material (reinforcements).

The base material is a continuous material, the reinforcing material is discontinuous one wherein materials. Composite materials are in wide variety, the most widely used fiber reinforced composites also known as fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). The polymer is generally divided into two categories, thermoplastic plastic (Thermoplastic) and thermosetting plastics (thermoset). The fibers have different materials and forms, often used items are as glass fiber, carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber, boron fiber ...

Characteristics of the fiber-reinforced composite material:

  1. With high specific strength and specific stiffness
  2. Good anti-fatigue performance
  3. Nice damping performance
  4. Fracture security is good

Characteristics of cutting fiber-reinforced composite material:

  1. High cutting temperature, low tool life.
  2. Machining accuracy and surface roughness are difficult to control.
  3. Easy to raise high-temperature metamorphism and softening.
  4. It should be cautious to use cutting fluid - the composite material sucks the cutting fluid then it will affect the performance of the material.