Rougher cutters and wave groove milling cutters

Rougher cutters and wave groove milling cutters

The general rougher cutter reduces the cutting deformation from broadband chip into several narrower chips, which may improve the formation of curl and chip removal situation during the milling process and decreases cutting resistance. The peripheral blade outside the roughing tool is wavy, the chips will fracture easily due to fine chips, cutting resistance will be small, the machined surface was uneven shape, therefore it may do heavy cutting (roughing) with large feeding.

However, due to the big cutting vibration, the joint between tool and machine easily becomes very rough (friction corrosion), therefore it should avoid to use on high-precision machines. Especially when making dry cutting, tools become very hot easily, so we should reduce the cutting speed by about 10 to 20% to an increase the tool life.

Rougher cutters generally for crumbing

Reduce cutting forces and chip removal for roughing.  No specific processing materials.

Wave groove milling cutters mostly use on crude and middle working

Especially for soft material working (copper, aluminum ...) (deep and big removal amount), due to the flute groove of wave cutter is bigger than the average rougher cutter, it may have a large number of rows crumbs during cutting, but for the hard materials (shallow feeding and less chip removal), if we does not require the removal amount, the advantage is not obvious. Wave groove cutters have good results only for some materials, use to form the relative chip thickness between edges, which can eliminate the regenerative chatter, to be used for some difficult materials, particularly for titanium.

Good 4-flute wave groove cutter is with special design of its respective blade crests and troughs of the area location different (shifted) and the same wave height (in the range of processing without causing chattering, angle about Poor 1-2 degrees), in order to achieve processing effort and extend the life. This wave cutter is with complicated manufacturing processes and easily to wear grinding wheel, also consume large processing machine damage, which cost is relatively higher, Considering the cost, most factories mainly adopt general rougher cutters for rough working.

Advantages of wave groove cutter

  1. Chips deformed easily broken. The cutting not only longitudinal deformation, as well as horizontal deformation, so easily chip breaking.
  2. Actual cutting edge growth, easy to heat dissipation, reduce the cutting forces.
  3. Less adhesion of the chip and the rake face.
  4. Smooth cutting. In the same section, it is equivalent ranging from tooth structure, each edge peaks and valleys, staggered to avoid periodic vibration.
  5. It can be used for finishing. Each point of its cutting edge in the same cylindrical surface, therefore it can be used for finishing.