Monocrystalline Diamond

We BW produce diamond powders series, including Nano-DiamondMonocrystalline DiamondNickel-Plated Diamond、and Polycrystalline Diamond.

  • Monocrystalline Diamond: Monocrystalline diamond powder is comprised of fine quality diamond to a high standard. It is produced with special technology process including ball grinding, separation and purification. All Grish’s diamond powders accord with high purity technical standard. Based on international standard and user’s practical requirement, Beijing Grish created a specific standard for monocrystalline diamond powder product, Grish can also make adjustment of the product based on customer’s special needs on particle size, distribution, purity, etc.
  • Characteristics:
    1. Strictly controlled monocrystalline diamond material process to ensure high quality and consistency.
    2. Narrow particle size distribution to ensure polishing efficiency, avoid unexpected scratch.
    3. High purity, metal impurity content below 100ppm.
    4. Line-up grits for customers to choose, nanometer size powders are also available besides micron and submicron grits.
    5. Strict detect means ensure consistency between different batches.
  • Available Sizes:
  • 規格 D10 D50 D95 D100
    0-2 >0.75 0.91-1.04 <1.860 <2.52
    0-1.5 >0.62 0.75-0.90 <1.31 <1.95
    0-1 >0.53 0.60-0.70 <0.98 <1.50
    0-0.5 >0.32 0.45-0.55 <0.88 <1.30
    0-0.4 >0.14 0.24-0.26 <0.48 <0.81
    0-0.3 >0.08 0.17-0.18 <0.29 <0.58
    0-0.2 >0.06 0.13-0.14 <0.29 <0.49
    0-0.1 >0.02 0.04-0.06 <0.09 <0.17
  • Applications:
    1. As super hard abrasive materials, used for diamond grinding tools such as resin adhesive tools, metal bonding tools, electroplating tools.
    2. As fine polishing abrasives, used for various polishing process in industry and scientific fields, such as process for metal mold, precious stone, ceramics, as well as glass components.
    3. As an additive material in composite, utilizing its excellent thermal conductivity or electrical insulation characteristics .
    4. Raw material to make PCD or PDC products.

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