Nickel-Plated Diamond

We BW produce diamond powders series, including Nano-DiamondMonocrystalline DiamondNickel-Plated Diamond、and Polycrystalline Diamond.

  • Nickel-Plated Diamond:Taking advantage of advanced plated technique ,firm and compact in clad layer,high removal rate.
  • Characteristics:
    1. Excellent self-sharpening properties
    2. High removal rate
    3. Good performance in heat output
    4. guarantee the longer service life
  • Available Sizes of Nickel-Plated Diamond:
    Nickel-Plated Diamond
    Diameter D12 D20 D60 D140 D230
    um 20 30 80 170 270
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  • Applications:
    1. Eletroplated products, grinding wheels or polishing wheels.
    2. Polishing of top-grade stones, vehicle glass, processing of luxurious furniture, ceramics, alloys or magnetic material.

Diamond Powders